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Meet Olivia Nana Yaa Adepa Sika: A Radiant Rising Star from Twifo-Heman


In the bustling world of radio, where charisma meets talent, Sika Olivia Nana Yaa Adepa has emerged as a beacon of charm and personality. Born on March 9, 2006, as the third child of Late Madam Mavis Owusu Otema Adjoa and Mr. Stephen Tumawu Dodzie, Sika Adepa hails from the vibrant town of Twifo-Heman in the Central Region. As the host of “Brunch with Diva,” she has swiftly become a popular figure, captivating audiences with her dynamic energy and multifaceted talents.

Sika Adepa’s journey begins in the heart of Twifo-Heman, a town known for its rich culture and close-knit community. Growing up as the third child in a supportive family, she imbibed values of resilience and determination from her parents. Lt. Madam Mavis Owusu Otema Adjoa and Mr. Stephen Tumawu Dodzie provided a nurturing environment that laid the foundation for her vibrant personality and go-getter attitude.

Sika Adepa’s academic journey led her to Mount Sinai Senior High School, where she not only excelled in her studies but also discovered her passion for the arts. Eager to expand her horizons, she looks forward to pursuing her first degree, showcasing a commitment to both academic excellence and personal growth.

In the realm of preferences, Sika Adepa breaks free from the norm. Unlike many who have a favorite food, she embraces a wide range of culinary delights with an “anything goes” attitude. This adventurous palate mirrors her approach to life, always open to new experiences and unafraid to explore uncharted territories.

Sika Adepa’s love for the arts knows no bounds. Her affinity for acting, singing, and dancing showcases her versatility and creative spirit. These passions not only add depth to her personality but also contribute to the vibrant atmosphere she creates on “Brunch with Diva.” Listeners are treated not only to captivating conversations but also to the infectious energy of a host who truly loves what she does.

In the competitive landscape of radio personalities, Sika Olivia Nana Yaa Adepa stands out as an embodiment of talent, charisma, and authenticity. From her roots in Twifo-Heman to the airwaves of “Brunch with Diva,” her journey reflects a relentless pursuit of passion and excellence. As she continues to enchant audiences with her magnetic presence, the digital realm is ready to embrace this rising star, ensuring that her popularity transcends the frequencies of radio and resonates in the vast expanse of the online world.

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