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Meet Ghana’s New Sensation Yb Vybez Unveils Emotional Hit Single “Mi Ndo Biom”


Ghana’s music scene has been graced with a rising star, and his name is Yb Vybez. The artist recently dropped a heart-touching single titled “Mi Ndo Biom,” produced by the talented Khezz Beatz. The track, inspired by the nuances of love and heartbreak, delves deep into Yb Vybez’s personal experiences and offers a unique perspective on the complex emotion that is love.

Mi Ndo Biom, literally translated as “I wouldn’t love again,” encapsulates the raw emotions one experiences when love leaves behind a trail of heartbreak. Yb Vybez shares his journey through the labyrinth of a shattered heart, inviting listeners to connect with his narrative. The artist hopes that those who have undergone similar experiences can find solace and resonance in the comforting embrace of “Mi Ndo Biom.”

Artist Profile: Emmanuel Eshun a.k.a Yb Vybez

Emmanuel Eshun, popularly known as Yb Vybez, was born on February 4th, 1996, in Ajumako Kokoben. He hails from a close-knit family, being the second of four siblings.

Early Life and Education Growing up in Accra Ayalolo Kokrobite, Yb Vybez had early exposures to the arts. His childhood experiences laid the foundation for his artistic journey, with Chokome LC providing the educational background and the street providing artistic training that shaped his craft.

Yb Vybez’s music is a testament to his versatility, but he proudly identifies as a highlife artist. His style draws influences from the legendary Daasebre Gyamenah, a Ghanaian highlife icon, showcasing a unique fusion of traditional and contemporary elements.

Yb Vybez has not only made waves with his latest single but has also left an indelible mark with his key artworks featured at the Shatta Home Coming Show held at Kasoa Blue Villa. The event served as a platform for emerging talents to showcase their prowess, and Yb Vybez stood out with his captivating performances and distinctive style. The Shatta Home Coming Show marked a pivotal moment for the artist, solidifying his presence in the Ghanaian music scene.

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