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Step-by-Step Guide on Registering a Business in Ghana



Did you know you must register your business if you are trading under a business name?

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Step 1:  Applicant may pick up a prescribed Form A from the in-house bank or download

Step 2: Submit filled forms at the Businessnames Registration Counter for Verification and    Capturing or via Online

Step 3:Pay processing fee of GHS60.00 at the in-house bank or via Online

Step 4:Registrar Examines, Approves and issues Business name Registration Certificate


Renewal each year at GH 25 cedis.


    • Provide 3 business/company name for search for availability of a name

    • Buy or download required Entity Registration form>

    • Complete the Entity Form

    • Pick a ticket per the Entity Type

    • Wait till your ticket number is called

    • Submit the completed form with all the supporting document for validation by inspector

    • Payment slip is generated for payment to be made

    • Document is left at the in-house Bank for onward process

    • Decision is made to Approve, Query or Reject

    • Certificate and other supporting documents are issued when approval is given


  • Search for the availability of your Business Name by clicking on Name Search

  • Download forms of the Entity Type you want to register

  • Print, fill, sign and scan the form and other supporting documents

  • Create an account as a portal user

  • Login with the user name and password given after the account creation

  • Select Entity Registration link on the welcome page

  • Select Entity Registration link again on the left pane

  • Click on ‘Create New’ button if name has not been reserved or click on ‘Create From Name Reservation’ button if business name has been reserved

  • Select entity type from the dropdown list

  • Type business Name under Entity Name and click on Proceed button

  • Certificate and other supporting documents are issued when approval is given

  • Input data, upload scanned and signed document and follow the instructions

  • Pay online by clicking on ‘make payment online’ link

  • The status of the registration will be communicated via SMS

  • Click on eCertificate link to save or print certificate and other supporting documents after approval is given

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